Jackknife Accidents in Nebraska

Nebraska Truck Accident Attorney

Semi-trucks can legally weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, and the vast bulk of this weight is contained in the tractor trailer. The trailer is not structurally attached to the rest of the truck, but is connected to the cab by a hitch underneath the bottom of the forward end of the trailer so that it can be removed for unloading.

In a jackknife accident, the hitch acts like a hinge. If the truck driver hits the brakes too hard at high speed, the immense mass of the trailer keeps moving forward and pivots on the hinge, swinging around toward the truck cab.

What happens when a truck jackknifes?

When a truck jackknifes, drivers and passengers in the nearby cars are at risk of suffering catastrophic injury or death. As the trailer swings forward, cars that are driving alongside the truck may be pinned and crushed against the cab. Following vehicles are suddenly faced with a wall across the highway presented by the side of the trailer and may either run into the trailer or be injured in a rear-end collision when other automobiles strike them from behind. Jackknife truck accidents are among the most dangerous types of truck accidents, and they frequently injure or kill multiple accident victims.

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