Insider Exclusive

Featured Guests: The Robert Pahlke Law Group

Bob Pahlke and our team at The Robert Pahlke Law Group are proud to have been featured on the television program Insider Exclusive on three separate occasions. Insider Exclusive is dedicated to telling the true stories behind the headlines in order to help victims fight for justice and enhance the rights of workers, consumers, and innocent victims throughout the United States. You can watch the videos featuring our firm below!

"Ignored Safety, Dangerous Explosions – Richard Jameson's Story"

Richard Jameson was a young man working for his father's gas company when a horrible accident changed his life forever. Defects in the gas meter and pump being used by Richard's father caused an explosion. Richard suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to between 65% and 70% of his body.

The Robert Pahlke Law Group took the two manufacturers to trial, and the jury returned a verdict of $5 million dollars for Richard. Watch the episode to learn more about Richard's story and the legal strategies used by Attorney Pahlke.

"Safety on the Job – The Tim Bacon Story"

In July of 2003, ironworker Tim Bacon was working on the second level of a four story building when deck plate fell from above. The plate hit Tim's self-retracting lifeline (SRL) and he fell 12 feet to the deck below. The SLR was supposed to stop its line to prevent Tim from falling, but in this case it did not. Tim sustained severe injuries that left him permanently paralyzed.

Attorneys Bob Pahlke and Robert Hippe represented Tim's case, and at the first trial in 2008, they lost. However, our firm appealed the decision and appellate court ordered a new trial. In the end, the jury returned a verdict of more than $21 million dollars for Tim.

"Winning Jury Verdicts with the Power of Stories"

In this interesting episode, Insider Exclusive discusses 10 of the most successful Trial Rules used by lawyers to win their cases. Executive producer and host Steve Murphy sits down with Attorney Bob Pahlke to talk about these Trial Rules and the ways in which Bob has used them in his own cases.