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Wildfires in Nebraska


Wildfires start for a variety of reasons, from lighting to ignition of combustible chemicals. In some cases, wildfires are caused by some act of negligence, such as throwing a cigarette into a dry field, kids playing with fireworks, or sparks from industrial machinery. Whatever the cause, wildfires can easily blaze out of control in spite of the best efforts of firefighters. The result is often tragic for those who lose their homes or suffer serious injury or death.


When a wildfire rages in or near a populated area, the residents in nearby communities are frequently ordered to evacuate their homes. Otherwise, they may be at risk of smoke inhalation, which can result in serious, long-term respiratory damage or may even cause death. They also may be in danger of suffering severe burn injuries or being killed in a blaze. Those who fail to evacuate or who are trapped by the progress of the flames may have grounds to file personal injury claims against the person who is responsible for the fire, and the surviving family members of victims may be able to sue in the event of wrongful death.

In addition to pursuing legal action over burn injuries, smoke inhalation, or the death of a love one, you may need help in filing a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy if the fire damaged or destroyed your home and your personal belongings. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are trained to do everything possible to limit the value of claims, and there is a very good chance that you will be offered far less than you deserve.

Nebraska personal injury attorney from our firm can meet with you to review your policy, determine how much coverage you are entitled to receive, and may be able to help you recover a larger settlement for your claim.


If you have sustained major losses in a wildfire, The Robert Pahlke Law Group can help you pursue the financial compensation you need to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life. Contact us now to get the process started! Want to speak with an attorney at our firm? Call us at 308-633-4444.

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