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Nebraska Burn Injury Lawyer

Negligent accidents can leave victims with a variety of physical injuries, and the most serious damages are known as catastrophic injuries. Burns are a type of catastrophic injury that can have lifelong and widespread implications upon the victims, depending upon the severity of the burns.

Burn injuries can be the result of car accidents, ranch accidents, workplace accidents, industrial accidents, and more, and if the damage was caused by another person’s negligent actions, a burn victim may be entitled to compensation.

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The harm caused by burn injuries can vary extensively, as some victims sustain only redness and painful swell, while others are left with blistering, scars, and severe damage to the skin and tissue. The severity of burn injuries is categorized in three ways:

  • First Degree: The burns affect only the outer layer of the skin
  • Second Degree: The burns damage the outer layer of the skin and the next layer of skin below
  • Third Degree: The burns damage the skin through to the deepest layer and also harm the tissues beneath the skin

Although burns can result from a variety of situations, there are three types of burns that are most commonly treated by hospitals and burn centers: thermal, chemical, and electrical.

Thermal Burns
Thermal burns are perhaps the most commonly occurring types of burns, and are the result of the skin coming into contact with a heat source of some sort. Heat sources include fire, steam, hot liquids, hot metals, and other hot objects. Thermal burns can also be caused by exposure to strong radiation, which will lead to severe sun burns. The severity of thermal burn injuries depends upon the location, depth, and size of the burn wound.

Chemical Burns
Chemical burns occur when the skin makes contact with some sort of corrosive substance, including caustic chemicals, alkaloids, and acids. The resulting damage from chemical burns often is not immediately apparent, and to prevent further harm it is crucial to properly remove the substance from the skin as soon as possible. Chemical burns are most often suffered by workers in the medical, construction, automotive, and agricultural industries. These burns can also be caused by such commonly used products as:

  • Industrial products like tar, wet pavement, and gasoline
  • Cosmetic products like hair dye and nail polish remover
  • Household cleaners with caustic ingredients, like bleach, toilet bowl cleaners (sulfuric acid), paint cleaners (lye), disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite), and deodorizers (phenol)

Electrical Burns
Electrical burns result from an electrical current passing through all or a part of the body. These types of burns can cause both external and internal damages, although most of the damage occurs below the skin. The severity of electrical burns depends upon the type of current involved and its intensity, the amount of moisture on the victim’s body, the length of exposure to the current, and the area of the victim’s body that the current passes through. Electrical burns can also have a number of other serious side effects based upon the intensity of the current.

  • Low Voltage Currents: Currents lower than 500 volts often do not cause serious burns but can result in other damages. Victims of low voltage electrical burns can suffer cardiac issues, muscle spasms, and oral burns when a child bites or sucks on an electrical cord.
  • High Voltage Currents: Currents higher than 1000 volts typically cause extreme injuries to the body. Exposure to these currents can lead to severe skin and tissue burns, seizures, permanent neurological damages, heart rhythm disturbances, and blunt force trauma injuries or fractures caused by the power of the jolt.


Burns can leave victims with injuries ranging from mild to severe, and sadly negligent accidents frequently cause these injuries throughout the state and across the country.

  • More than 2 million people seek medical attention for burn injuries in the United States each year
  • Approximately 75,000 burn victims are hospitalized annually, and of those 25,000 victims require hospitalization for more than two months
  • Each year 20,000 burn victims sustain injuries so severe that they require admittance to specialized burn centers or units
  • Burn injuries result in approximately 14,000 fatalities annually

Burn injuries can impact victims in a variety of ways, and they can suffer from serious infections, and may need skin grafts, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and rehabilitative treatment to restore form and function to the injured area. Burn treatment often takes a long time and can be very costly, in addition to the financial strain of missing out on wages during the recovery process. If you sustained severe burns because of another person’s careless or reckless actions, you may be able to recover compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Our team can help you seek a fair settlement for the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of your burns.


The Robert Pahlke Law Group is dedicated to providing victims throughout Nebraska with the caring legal counsel and relentless advocacy needed to recover compensation for their injuries and losses. We understand that serious burn injuries can have widespread implications upon the lives of victims and their families. Our firm strongly believes that they deserve generous settlements to help them rebuild after negligent accidents, and we can help you take legal action against the party who is liable for your burn injuries.

We can help you understand your rights as a victim, your options under the law, and the size of settlement that you may be entitled to. Our team has more than 30 years of experience and we can use our skill and knowledge of personal injury law to build a detailed claim that will enable you to seek maximum compensation for your injuries. Before making any decisions, it is important to have all the facts, so we encourage you to contact a Nebraska burn injury lawyer from our firm today to discuss your case!

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