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Nebraska Truck Accidents Caused by Mechanical Breakdown

Failure to Maintain

Semi-trucks can legally weigh as much as 40 times more than normal passenger vehicles, making them fully capable of causing devastating damage in the event of a collision. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to maintain the condition of the truck’s equipment, keeping it in proper working order at all times.

Even relatively minor problems with an 18-wheeler’s equipment can lead to catastrophic accidents, particularly at highway speed. Trucking companies are even subject to equipment maintenance regulations enacted and enforced by the federal government.

Trucking companies can be held legally accountable when accidents are caused by their failure to maintain equipment. If you were harmed in a collision caused by the improper maintenance, a Nebraska trucking accident lawyer from our firm can help you pursue proper compensation.


The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established in 2000 and works with the mission of “improving the safety of commercial motor vehicles and saving lives.” In carrying out this mission, the FMCSA enforces hundreds of regulations governing every aspect of the commercial trucking industry. For example, Part 396 of the FMCSA regulations covers the subject of inspection, repair, and maintenance of semi-trucks, including such subjects as lubrication, driver vehicle inspection reports, and the necessary qualifications of brake inspectors.

These regulations impose strict requirements on truck drivers and their employers, such as maintaining 30 days’ worth of consecutive inspection and repair records for each vehicle. Truckers are required to perform their own inspection before driving the vehicle to ensure that the truck is in safe operating condition. If any defects or deficiencies are found, the driver is directed to certify that any necessary repairs have been performed before heading out on the road. If the vehicle is discovered to be in unsafe condition while on the highway, the driver must proceed directly to the nearest place where repairs can be performed, though this is only allowed in cases where such operation would not pose a greater risk than keeping the truck on the highway.


At The Robert Pahlke Law Group, our Nebraska trucking accident lawyers have more than 85 years of combined experience helping accident victims pursue compensation, and we know how to effectively investigate a truck accident case. It is often necessary to subpoena the truck’s maintenance records to find any gaps that may indicate lapses in the routine schedule of maintenance. The pre-trip inspection logs may also reveal that there were known mechanical faults with the truck at the time of the accident. Checking the records may even indicate that the truck driver did not perform any type of inspection before driving.

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Truckers are generally under heavy pressure to meet stiff delivery deadlines and will sometimes push the limits of safety by delaying repairs. Other times, the lack of maintenance is only attributable to plain laziness. Whatever the specifics of the case, if you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one in an accident caused by faulty or improperly maintained equipment, you have a right to demand fair compensation.

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