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Types of Car Accidents

types of car accidents in NebraskaEach year, thousands of people across Nebraska are injured in motor vehicle accidents, many of which are the result of driver negligence. Victims of careless motorists are often left with very serious injuries that may require expensive medical care and lengthy recoveries.

Our team at The Robert Pahlke Law Group can help you pursue compensation if you were injured in any of the following types of collisions:

  • Rear Impact Collisions: Also referred to as being “rear-ended”, these accidents occur when one vehicle hits the vehicle in front of it. These crashes can be simple fender-benders that result in minor damage or major collisions that cause serious injuries and extensive property damage. These accidents are often caused by distracted drivers who do not notice that traffic has slowed or by drivers who follow too closely and are unable to brake in time when the car in front of them stops suddenly.
  • Head-On Collisions: These accidents involve one vehicle colliding with the front of another vehicle. The force of the impact often results in severe injuries and damages to both motorists and their vehicles. Head-on collisions commonly occur when a driver travels the wrong direction down a one-way street or on a freeway, or when a driver crosses onto the other side of a road or highway because they are intoxicated or fell asleep behind the wheel.
  • Side Impact Collisions: Also called “T-bone” accidents, these crashes involve the front of one vehicle colliding with the side of another vehicle. The property damage is often extensive and victims can sustain a variety of injuries. Side impact crashes are often caused by a car making a left-hand turn while another vehicle is traveling straight down the street, by a driver running a stop sign, or by a car skidding out of control and slamming into another vehicle.


The Robert Pahlke Law Group is committed to helping accident victims throughout the state obtain proper settlements for their injuries and losses. Our skilled Nebraska personal injury lawyers can investigate your accident to determine liability and then assist you in filing a detailed claim against the negligent party. We understand the difficulties you and your family face during recovery, and we can help you fight for justice. If you would like to learn more about your options to pursue the compensation you deserve, contact a car accident attorney at our firm today!

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