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    Scottsbluff, NE Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

    Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Scottsbluff NebraskaThe crime is egregious, and the law is clear: It’s a crime to leave the scene of an accident. Neb.Rev.Stat. § 60-697 states that the driver in an accident needs to stop at the scene of the accident, and give their information to the other driver or drivers involved in the crash. The information exchange should include:

    • Contact information
    • License number
    • Insurance information
    • Vehicle models, makes, and years

    In addition, every driver (including the victim) of a motor vehicle involved in a crash resulting in either injury, death, or damages over $1,000.00 must complete and submit a confidential Driver’s Motor Vehicle Crash Report within 10 days following the crash.

    Hit and Run Cases Are Difficult to Solve

    A hit-and-run can be something as minor as someone knocking over your mailbox and leaving the scene, grazing your car and driving off, or backing into your vehicle in a parking lot and not leaving a note. By far, the worst offense is causing serious injury to another person.

    It’s true, a hit and run case can be difficult to solve. In the aftermath of being blindsided by a collision, victims more than likely will not see exactly what happened. In the ensuing confusion, it is more than probable nobody got a good description of the offending vehicle or the driver. If a defendant flees the scene, however, you are not entirely without options for litigating your injury claims.

    An experienced Scottsbluff hit and run personal injury lawyer from The Robert Pahlke Law Group can work diligently to identify the runaway driver. We have the resources and expertise to review police reports, and witness statements. Our investigators are able to contact the businesses near the accident scene and obtain any available surveillance camera footage. Call us today at (308) 633-4444 to schedule a free consultation.

    Steps to Take After a Hit-and-Run Crash

    If the driver who hits you flees the scene you may still be able to recover compensation for your losses. Protect your rights and your ability to pursue all legal options. When it is safe to do so:

    • Notify law enforcement. The sooner you call the police, the better the chances are that the at-fault driver will be located.
    • Notify your insurer carrier. Failure to report your involvement in an accident within the time frame outlined in your policy may result in the denial of any benefits.
    • Get medical attention. See a doctor as soon as possible after an accident to treat any immediate injuries and establish a file in the event your medical care needs to be substantiated.

    Reasons Why a Defendant May Flee the Scene

    • The driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • The driver was not legally licensed
    • The driver was undocumented
    • Lack of insurance coverage
    • Concern over potential liability
    • Shock

    Uninsured Motorist Coverage

    Despite the fact that 6.8 percent of Nebraska’s drivers have no automobile insurance at all, uninsured motorist coverage is optional. If the at-fault driver cannot be located, a victim may be able to present a claim for financial losses and damages sustained in a hit and run accident through uninsured motorist coverage, provided by their own automobile insurance policy.

    Compensation for Hit and Run Accident

    If you have been injured in a car accident and the at-fault driver fled the scene of the accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries through your own uninsured/underinsured policy. Our Nebraska personal injury attorneys know how to deal with the insurance company in order to help maximize your settlement. We are prepared to carefully review the specific details of your hit and run accident and determine the best way to proceed. We can help you seek compensation for damages, including:

    • Hospital bills
    • Medical treatment
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering

    What’s a Miss and Run?

    An accident is considered a miss and run when one vehicle causes another one to crash, without making contact, and then leaves the scene. This scenario can happen quickly and is almost always unavoidable. For example, imagine a car traveling in the opposite direction suddenly swerves into your lane. In an effort to avoid a head-on collision, you turn your wheels and crash into a tree. Also known as a phantom car accident, miss and run accidents have the same repercussions as hit and runs. Victims find themselves with property damage, physical injuries, and no identifiable at-fault driver who can be held responsible for the accident.

    These crashes can be emotionally frustrating to injury victims who know that they were not at fault but aren’t sure how to prove it. The experienced personal injury lawyers at The Robert Pahlke Law Group understand how to help identify responsible parties, such as leveraging witness statements or evaluating tire tread skid marks on the pavement; an attorney can help you evaluate the extent of your damages, identify liable parties, and proceed accordingly with the civil claims process.

    Hit and Run Statistics Show Record Increase

    “Hit-and-run crashes in the United States are trending in the wrong direction,” according to David Yang, executive director of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. ABC news reported recent statistics from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which revealed there were 1,980 fatal hit-and-run crashes resulting in 2,049 fatalities, based on federal highway crash data. This is the highest annual number of hit-and-run fatalities or crashes recorded since 1975 when The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began compiling statistics.

    Get Help Now From the Robert Pahlke Law Group

    Hit-and-run injuries are financially and emotionally devastating. One negligent act can potentially derail the everyday lives of an entire family. The Nebraska personal injury lawyers at The Robert Pahlke Law Group understand what you’re going through. They stand ready to fight for justice, and pursue the maximum compensation for your injuries.

    In the aftermath of your car accident, you have enough to worry about. Fortunately, a car accident attorney doesn’t have to cost you anything up front. At The Robert Pahlke Law Group, you can set up a free consultation to allow our qualified attorneys to learn more about your case. In many cases, we’ll be able to work on a contingent fee basis: that is, we get paid only when you obtain a judgment or settlement in your favor.

    If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t wait! Contact The Robert Pahlke Law Group online today, or call at (308) 633-4444 to set up your free consultation and learn more about how we can help you collect the damages you need as a result of your car accident. We want to help you navigate the complex claim process, from negotiating with insurance companies to taking your case to court if needed.

    Injured? Request a free initial consultation Fill Out the Form Below or Call (308) 633-4444