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Scottsbluff Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle riding is a popular method of exercise and a convenient form of transportation to and from various locations. Unfortunately, the negligence and inattention of drivers can cause bicyclists to suffer severe injuries or even fatality.

bicycle accident in Nebraska

Bicyclists have minimal amounts of protection on the road. Typically, they only wear a helmet for protection, which means that if they are hit by a motor vehicle, the results can be catastrophic. Bicyclists face a significant amount of risk on the road, but when surrounded by negligent drivers, the danger is intensified. If you or your child has been harmed while riding a bicycle, a Nebraska personal injury attorney can assist you with seeking fair compensation from the liable party.


Bicycle accidents can result from a variety of circumstances, but the resulting damages are almost always severe. Whether you have been injured by a drunk driver, a reckless motorist, or a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Some bike accidents are caused by defective manufacturing, design, or repair, and in these situations the manufacturer can be held liable for any harm suffered by victims.

The amount of physical damage that can be sustained by a bicyclist can vary from minor to severe. The most common injuries include head trauma, bone fractures, abrasions on the skin, and joint damage. These injuries are not only painful but can also be expensive to treat and require lengthy recoveries. The bicyclist may suffer additional financial losses as the result of missing out on wages during their recoveries.


At The Robert Pahlke Law Group, it is our aim to help each client obtain the full amount of monetary compensation they need and deserve. We can help you seek a settlement that covers your medical expenses, both past and future, lost wages, and diminished capabilities or ability to enjoy life, if you sustained permanent injuries. You may even be entitled to recover damages for the pain and suffering you experienced.

We can educate you on your options, help you build a comprehensive claim, and guide you through every step of the claim process. It is likely that the driver will unfairly place the blame on you as the bicyclist, but we can provide you with aggressive advocacy. We can use every tool and form of evidence available to ensure that you receive the best possible chance to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact our firm at your earliest convenience to discuss your options to pursue a fair settlement for your bicycle accident injuries. Call The Robert Pahlke Law Group at 308-633-4444!

Injured? Request a free initial consultation Fill Out the Form Below or Call (308) 633-4444