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    Robert PahlkeyBased in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, The Robert Pahlke Law Group is a litigation-focused team of attorneys concentrated on representing accident victims and their families. On our site, you can learn about our law firm by looking at what we do and reading about our attorneys. We invite you to take a few moments now to get to know who we are, what sets us apart from the competition, and why we believe that you should hire us for your personal injury claim.


    If you would like to discuss your case with us, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet you. We prefer meeting you in person because it makes for a better introduction and gives you the chance to get to know us as we get to know you. Our goal in the initial consultation is to let you tell us your story. We will then tell you about the services that we can offer in dealing with your injury and making yourself whole again. All of the advice that we offer to you in that initial meeting – whether you hire us or not – is free.

    If you choose The Robert Pahlke Law Group, we typically use a contingency-fee arrangement. That means that you do not pay us anything unless you win your lawsuit either through a jury verdict in the courtroom or an insurance settlement without a trial. Even then, the payment is only a portion of the verdict or settlement. That way, our earnings are based on our success: If we do not succeed, then we do not get paid.


    The Robert Pahlke Law Group’s beginnings can be traced back to R.M. Van Steenberg (1917 – 1997), or “Van” to his friends and associates. More than 40 years ago, until February of 1965, Van served as a district judge. Then, on February 1, Van teamed up with Frank Winner and Don Wood to start a law firm named Van Steenberg, Winner, and Wood.

    In those days, the trio had a partnership for their law firm before they had a permanent roof for it. Worried more about practicing law than keeping rain out, they temporarily worked out of the trunk of a car and out of a local bank before taking up permanent residence at 1904 1st Avenue in Scottsbluff.

    Although Winner and Wood departed, Van’s pioneering, charismatic leadership led to the formation of The Van Steenberg Firm. In addition to leading the law firm, Van was also president of the Nebraska State Bar and the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys. After Van passed away in 1997 and the firm got above critical mass with a double-digit number of attorneys, it separated into two parts, one of which became Pahlke, Smith, Snyder, Petitt, and Eubanks.


    Since Mr. Pahlke first joined ranks with Van in 1977, his law office has changed names but his law practice has not. In Van’s pioneering spirit, The Robert Pahlke Law Group persists and prevails just as Van did more than four decades ago.

    Today, Mr. Pahlke runs The Robert Pahlke Law Group. If you are searching for an outstanding law firm to represent your case, look no further.

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    Injured? Request a free initial consultation Fill Out the Form Below or Call (308) 633-4444