Truck Driver vs. Employer Negligence

Get Help with a Truck Accident Claim

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible to prove that either the truck driver or the trucking company was responsible for causing your collision. Either way, you have a right to demand fair compensation for your injuries, provided that you are not personally at fault.

One of the experienced Nebraska trucking accident attorney from The Robert Pahlke Law Group can investigate the details of your accident to find evidence of who is at fault, followed by taking aggressive legal action to help you claim the monetary damages you deserve. Our truck accident lawyers help people who have been injured on highways throughout Nebraska as well as on such interstates as I-90, I-80, I-76, and I-25.

Trucker Negligence Leads to Collisions

In some cases, it is obvious that the truck driver is at fault, such as when he or she was driving drunk or falling asleep at the wheel. In other cases, the driver made mistakes that caused the accident. Hitting the brakes suddenly can cause a jackknife accident, while cornering too quickly may lead to a rollover.

Other common types of negligence include speeding and failure to check the truck's blind spots before making maneuvers such as lane changes or turns. If the driver was engaged in some form of careless or reckless behavior at the time of the accident, then he or she can be held legally accountable.

How can the trucking company be at fault for my injuries?

The truck driver is not the only person who is responsible for ensuring that accidents do not happen. Nebraska trucking companies are required to follow the strict federal trucking regulations governing vehicle maintenance and other matters. When the employer does not follow these rules, the truck may be made unsafe to the degree that it would be difficult or even impossible for the driver to avoid an accident. Trucker fatigue is another major problem, and it is often caused by intense pressure from the employer to stay on the road long enough to meet stiff delivery deadlines.

Who is at fault in a big rig accident?

If the trucking company is in any way responsible for causing your accident, we want to help you take action to secure justice. When we represent a truck accident victim, we take the time to explore all possible sources of compensation, which can include filing a claim against the driver, the company, or both. Contact a Nebraska truck accident lawyer from our team to discuss how you can seek compensation from the liable party who caused your injuries and losses.

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