Truck Accidents Caused By Blind Spots

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Since 1994, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been running a public awareness campaign that tells drivers, "Don't hang out in the no-zone." The term "no-zone" refers to the set of large blind spots found on an 18-wheeler truck, which make it difficult for the truck driver to see other vehicles that are driving nearby.

All vehicles have blind spots, but those on a semi-truck are significantly larger - and more dangerous - than those on a passenger automobile.

Where are the blind spots on an 18-wheeler?

The primary blind spots on a semi-truck are located immediately in front of the truck cab, just below and behind the driver-side window, on the right side of the cab extending back toward the end of the trailer, and directly behind the truck trailer. It is difficult or even impossible for truck drivers to see anything in these areas. Truckers are expected to do their best to check their blind spots before turning, changing lanes, and braking, but even with due diligence they are not always able to see another vehicle.

Who is liable for a blind spot truck accident in Nebraska?

The defendant in a truck accident case will sometimes argue that the accident victim is at fault for driving in the truck's blind spots. If the driver of a passenger vehicle stays in the no-zones, he or she increases the risk of being involved in an accident. Traveling in the truck's blind spot does not, however, make you responsible for the accident.

If the truck driver failed to check before making a maneuver, he or she may be at fault for causing the collision. For example, truckers will often swing left before making a right hand turn at an intersection, but if the driver does not check to see if there is another vehicle on the right, then this maneuver may result in a "squeeze play" accident, in which the smaller vehicle is crushed from the side by the truck.

Help With a Nebraska Trucking Accident

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