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Nebraska’s Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

When we visit a doctor we expect to receive competent medical care, and most of the time we do. But when a doctor fails to exercise the care they should in treating their patients, the results can be catastrophic. If you were injured by a negligent medical professional, a personal injury lawsuit based on a […]

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How to Find a Good Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Nobody ever wants to be in the position of having to consider filing a medical malpractice claim. When you go to the doctor, you rely on them to exercise the highest standard of care. You choose your doctor trusting that they will not be negligent or outright incompetent. But mistakes happen. Poor judgment calls happen. […]

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Medical Errors Are the Third Leading Cause of Death in the United States

Medical researchers haven’t spent a lot of time and resources studying the frequency of medical errors in the U.S., but some research has been completed. A recent study from Johns Hopkins University reports medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the United States, surpassing all causes listed by The Centers for Disease […]

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Medical Malpractice: Defined

When you place your health under the care of a doctor or hospital, you want the assurance that you will receive the highest possible quality of care: that the staff will find the appropriate diagnosis to explain your symptoms, that you will receive the treatment you need, and that the doctor will not take actions […]

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Misdiagnosis Is a Pervasive Problem

When we visit a medical professional we expect a remedy for our discomfort and a reason for problematic symptoms. What we do not expect, in this age of technologically proficient healthcare, is to become a victim of a medical mistake. Health care is subjective, and doctors make mistakes. Any misdiagnosis can result in unnecessary, unpleasant, […]

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Why Congress Needs to Vote “NO” on H.R. 1215

The current Republican-majority Congress will soon be voting on a measure called, ironically, the “Protecting Access to Care Act.” This bill (H.R. 1215) is designed to primarily protect the interests of doctors and insurance companies, many of whom agree with restrictions on the amount a patient can sue for medical malpractice. H.R. 1215 would place a […]

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