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    As you go about your day, you come into contact with a wide array of products and situations which might cause you injury. When a preventable injury occurs as a result of another party’s negligence, carelessness, or intentional harm, it can negatively impact multiple aspects of your life. You not only have to cope with the physical pain which accompanies your injury, but you might experience emotional pain during your recovery and beyond. Additionally, a severe injury might have caused you to miss work as your medical bills pile up, creating additional stress and financial burden.

    If you have suffered harm as a result of someone else’s careless or reckless actions, Nebraska law entitles you to seek damages for compensation in civil court. Contact the experienced team at The Robert Pahlke Law Group at (308) 633-4444 to schedule a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case and determine your eligibility to recover damages for your injury.

    The Robert Pahlke Law Group’s Results in Personal Injury Cases

    The experienced personal injury attorneys at The Robert Pahlke Law Group have negotiated, settled, and litigated personal injury claims for their clients for more than three decades. The firm’s continued dedication to client service and professional excellence has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars in damages for injured clients. Recent noteworthy cases include settlements and judgments ranging from $1,000,000 to more than $20 million. These examples do not guarantee an outcome in your case, but our team will diligently pursue the best outcome possible for your personal injury claim. As a litigation-focused firm, we are not afraid to bring your fight into the courtroom when settlement isn’t an option.

    Personal Injury Cases We Handle

    Although we can handle most types of personal injury cases, below are some of the more common cases we handle for our clients. At The Robert Pahlke Law Group, our practice areas include:

    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    More than 37,000 traffic crashes occurred in Nebraska during 2018, including more than 12,000 resulting in injuries and 201 fatal crashes, according to the Nebraska Department of Transportation. Victims who suffer injuries as a result of car accidents turn to our team to seek compensation related to their injuries.

    Semi-Truck Accidents

    Semi-truck accidents are among the most deadly of all traffic crashes because the size and weight of big rigs cause a more forceful impact leading to more severe, and often fatal, injuries. The Nebraska Department of Transportation estimates a little more than 1,300 truck accidents in 2018, including 25 fatal crashes and more than 400 crashes leading to injury.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Western Nebraska’s picturesque landscapes make it a favorite place for motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy a joyride on the open road. Whether riding for pure pleasure or using a motorcycle as a primary mode of transportation, bikers face the risk of severe injury when accidents occur. Although bikers can cause accidents, the vast majority of motorcycle accidents are a result of negligent drivers in cars and trucks. Almost 500 motorcycle crashes occurred on Nebraska’s roads and highways in 2018.

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Those who spend time walking and running need to take special care to avoid careless drivers who might strike them. Pedestrians aren’t even safe in crosswalks, where they could be hit by a distracted driver. Nebraska only had about 350 pedestrian accidents in 2018, a decrease from previous years, but pedestrian related fatalities have been on the rise. Over three-years, Nebraska pedestrian accidents more than doubles. This aligns with the national trends about pedestrian accidents. In fact, on a national level pedestrians are more than 1.5 times likely to die in a traffic accident than those involved in motor vehicles, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    Premises Liability Cases

    These cases refer to instances where you might have suffered injuries on another party’s property. Nebraska property owners have a legal obligation to maintain a safe environment for those who visit their properties as customers and social guests. Failure to uphold this legal duty can lead to serious accidents and severe injuries. Premises liability claims cover a broad range of accidents. Examples include slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, escalator and elevator accidents, theme park accidents, and swimming pool accidents. Other property-related examples include dog bites or failure to provide security for visitors. Trespassers, unless they are children, typically cannot seek damages for injury, unless a property owner intentionally caused them harm.

    Nursing Home Abuse Cases

    Deciding to put our loved ones in a nursing care facility is never an easy choice, but when caregivers abuse and neglect the elders we love, it can make our decision unbearable. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect occurs far too often. At the Robert Pahlke Law Group, we are committed to holding abusers accountable for the physical and mental harm they cause nursing home residents. Not only do we want to help you seek justice for your loved one, but also stop the abuser from hurting more residents in the future.

    Product Liability Cases

    Before companies introduce new products to the market on a regular basis, they have a legal duty to ensure their products are safe for public use. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) serves as a watchdog branch of the federal government which gathers data and reports dangerous products to consumers. Some defective products which might cause a severe injury or fatality include chemicals, furniture, home decoration items, kitchenware, toys, children’s products, playground equipment, and more. Any party involved in designing, manufacturing, distributing, or selling a defective product might be strictly financially liable in a Nebraska court.

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    If you or a loved one has sustained injuries because of another party, you deserve compensation for losses associated with your injury. If you live in Nebraska, contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at The Robert Pahlke Law Group at (308) 633-4444 or online for a free consultation to learn about how we might be able to assist you after your injury.

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