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    Nebraska Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

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    Sustaining an injury in a slip and fall accident can disrupt your life. Beyond physical injuries, you may also face significant financial burdens. If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, you should seek monetary damages. A personal injury lawsuit enables you to recover damages for the expenses that you’ve incurred. In addition, you may be able to recover other non-monetary costs, such as pain and suffering.

    Nebraska law requires injured parties to file a personal injury claim within four (4) years from the date of your accident. You can take control of your healing process by contacting an experienced Nebraska slip and fall attorney at The Robert Pahlke Law Group right away.

    Common Causes

    Slip and fall accidents are caused when an individual loses footing and falls to the ground. There are a variety of circumstances that may result in slip and fall injuries. Some of the most common causes include:

    • Poorly maintained stairs or sidewalks
    • Wet floors
    • Broken or loose handrails
    • Obstacles or clutter on the floor
    • Improper maintenance after weather events
    • Poor lighting
    • Uneven floors

    Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

    The injuries sustained by those hurt in slip and fall accidents range from mild to severe. In rare instances, injuries may cause death. Some injuries are immediately apparent, while others may only develop symptoms over time. After any fall, it is important to promptly seek medical care.

    Even if you do not feel injured, an evaluation can provide a baseline to monitor symptoms later. If at any time your condition worsens, follow up with your treatment provider.

    Below are some typical slip and fall injuries:

    Fractures and Sprains

    The most common injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents are broken bones and sprained joints. Although elderly people are more likely to break bones during a fall, victims of all ages are susceptible to these injuries. Treatment for broken bones may initially include the use of splints or plaster casts (to support and immobilize the bone to avoid further injury). Additionally, fractures and sprains may require braces, surgically-inserted metal plates or rods, or a pain relief regimen.

    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    Traumatic brain injuries are caused by violent blows or jolts to the head. TBIs are difficult to diagnose and treat, because symptoms don’t always show up immediately. Symptoms of TBI may develop weeks after the impact. Depending on the severity of the injury, symptoms of TBI may include blurred vision, confusion, or headaches.

    In more severe cases, there may be mood changes, slurred speech, difficulty sleeping, changes in sleep patterns, vomiting and nausea, or memory loss. Some victims may experience numbness or tingling in the arms and legs or, in severe cases, loss of consciousness.

    If you hit your head in your slip and fall accident, you should carefully watch for any of these symptoms. Seek a medical evaluation at the first sign of any possible symptoms.

    Any time you’ve hit your head, you should seek medical care, even if you have no symptoms of TBI. Appropriate treatment of TBI depends on the severity of the injury. Possible treatments for TBI include:

    • A medication regimen
    • Outpatient therapy at specialized clinics
    • Inpatient therapy while still in the hospital
    • Mental health therapy (including talk, art, equine, or other types)
    • Home health services
    • Participation in a community reentry program

    Spinal Cord Injuries

    Damage to the spinal cord can be catastrophic and result in complete or partial paralysis, which may change the person’s life forever.

    Injuries to the Neck and Back

    Impact to the body from a fall may lead to injuries to the neck and back. Neck and back injuries commonly cause long-term chronic pain. Hard falls can cause sprains, herniated discs, cracked or fractured vertebrae, and whiplash. You should take any injuries to your neck or back seriously and seek medical care right away. More severe back injuries may require surgery and extensive rehabilitation.

    Damages From a Slip and Fall Suit

    Damages refer to the monetary compensation that the person responsible for your injuries must pay you. Nebraska law separates personal injury damages into three categories: (1) economic, (2) non-economic, and (3) punitive.

    1. Economic damages are essentially damages that you receive a bill for and are expected to pay. The cost of your initial hospital stay, follow-up appointments, medication, surgeries, physical therapy, and medical devices are economic damages. Any other costs related to diagnosis, treatment, or recovery are recoverable. Additionally, any loss of wages, immediate or future, resulting from the injury also constitutes economic damages.
    2. Non-economic damages operate to compensate victims for damages that are more subjective by nature. These damages may include compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, disfigurement, or loss of companionship. Your spouse’s suffering may also be compensated. Spousal recovery may include loss of consortium or other intangible interests. Such interests may include love, sexual relationships, companionship, or the ability to bear children.
    3. Punitive damages are rarely awarded in Nebraska in personal injury cases. Punitive damages are reserved for the most egregious circumstances where the responsible party acted intentionally and immorally. These damages are intended to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar behavior in the future.

    Contact an Experienced Nebraska Slip and Fall Lawyer

    After a slip and fall accident, you should not suffer from untreated injuries or shoulder the financial burden of your treatment. Nebraska law provides a remedy for both the financial and physical hardships resulting from an accident caused by another.

    At the Robert Pahlke Law Group, we have over 85 years of combined experience fighting for the rights of injured parties. We have a proven track record of obtaining compensation for our clients. Of course, we cannot guarantee a particular outcome in your case. However, we can promise to bring our experience, our knowledge of the law, and our compassion to every case we take, including yours.

    You can play a major role in your own recovery when you trust the Robert Pahlke Law Group to handle your lawsuit, protect your rights, and fight to maximize your compensation.

    Contact us or call (308) 633-4444 to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with an experienced member of our legal team.

    Injured? Request a free initial consultation Fill Out the Form Below or Call (308) 633-4444