Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Nebraska

Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyers

Suffering serious injuries in an accident commonly leaves you with several pressing questions: "How will I replace my income?" "How can I afford to pay my medical bills?" and "How can I get my life back on track?" Perhaps the most important question to answer is, "Who is at fault for causing the accident?" This question is relevant to your situation because the answer will determine whether or not you have grounds to file a personal injury claim for compensation.

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While some accidents are simply unavoidable, many can be directly attributed to the careless or reckless behavior of one of the parties involved. If it can be proven that another person's negligence was the cause of your injury or the death of a loved one, then you may be entitled to recover full compensation for your losses.

At The Robert Pahlke Law Group, our Nebraska personal injury attorneys have more than eight decades of combined experience representing accident victims and their families in a variety of cases, including those that involve:

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How much is my injury claim worth?

Every case is unique, and there is no way to predict with certainty how much any individual client will receive in an insurance settlement or jury verdict. There are, however, guidelines that can be used to estimate the fair value of your claim. State law provides for your right to demand financial compensation in an amount sufficient to bring you as near as possible to your pre-accident condition based on consideration of several factors.

Under the terms of Nebraska Revised Statute §25-21, 185.08, your claim can include comprehensive economic damages for all of your monetary losses for medical expenses, lost income and reduced earning power, funeral expenses, and the cost of hiring someone to provide substitute domestic services, among other things. You can additionally claim non-economic damages for your pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish, loss of companionship, or humiliation. Contact a Nebraska injury attorney from our firm now for a free consultation to discuss your unique situation and to determine how much you have a right to demand in your claim.