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    Missed Diagnosis & Medical Malpractice

    The Robert Pahlke Law Group

    Medical malpractice involves the negligence or error of a medical practitioner that results in injury, illness, or even death to a patient. In a July study published in BMJ Open, an online medical journal, medical malpractice claims mainly concerning primary doctors were reviewed. Researchers looked at journal articles about medical malpractice claims in the U.S., Britain, Australia, France, and Canada. Their research revealed that the majority of claims stemmed from missed diagnosis. Between 26 and 63% of their reviews entailed this type of malpractice claim. The researchers stated that the most common consequence of the missed diagnosis was death, which occurred in 15 to 48% of the cases studied.

    In the cases of adults, the most frequent missed diagnoses were those related to cancer and heart attacks. Less frequent were missed diagnoses of appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, and broken bones. In the cases of children, the most common missed diagnoses concerned meningitis and various types of cancer.

    Second to missed diagnosis as a leading basis for a malpractice claim were medication errors. These types of medical errors can be committed by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, emergency technicians, and similar personnel. They can involve wrong dosage, wrong medication, and wrong delivery system into the body and involve medications ranging from antibiotics to antidepressants and antipsychotics.

    No one expects to be mistreated by medical professionals but medical errors and negligence do occur. When this results in physical harm as well as financial loss to a patient, he or she may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. When such claims are not handled in a satisfactory manner by insurance carriers, strong legal representation may be required to seek justice through the court system.

    The Robert Pahlke Law Group represents victims in Nebraska who have been seriously injured by negligent medical personnel. If you were injured because of missed diagnosis, we can help you fight for rightful compensation through a medical malpractice claim. Contact the firm to discuss your situation or fill out a free evaluation form.

    Injured? Request a free initial consultation Fill Out the Form Below or Call (308) 633-4444