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    I-80 Semi Accident Results in Multiples Deaths, Injuries

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    Five people died and six more were injured in a serious semi-truck accident on the I-80 this weekend. As the Scottsbluff Star-Herald reports, the wreck occurred on Sunday just before 11 a.m. roughly four miles west of Brule.

    Authorities believe that the semi-truck was headed west when it collided with a van traveling in front of it. The collision then pushed the van and the truck into three other vehicles, causing multiple injuries. The five occupants of the van did not survive.


    Following the accident, injured parties were transported to hospitals in both Nebraska and Colorado. The press has not yet been informed of the extent of their injuries.

    The semi-driver was treated in Julesburg, CO for minor injuries before being released later that day. He was immediately transported back to Nebraska, where he now faces motor vehicle homicide charges. The authorities have yet to reveal further details or the nature of the driver’s alleged negligence.


    Commercial vehicles like semi-trucks pose an added danger to others on the road due to their imposing size and the limited visibility that truck drivers have. These drivers are trained to operate these vehicles and federal regulations must be followed when maintaining these trucks and preparing them for shipment.

    If any of these safety requirements are not met and an accident occurs, it is possible that negligence has paid a role in the crash. Even when criminal charges result from a serious accident like the one that occurred Sunday, injury victims and the bereaved have the option of taking civil action against the parties responsible.

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