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    Trailer Bursts into Flames After Coming Unhinged From its Truck

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    During the evening hours of June 13th 2013, a Kodiak Fresh Produce tractor trailer was traveling eastbound along Interstate 80 near Rock Springs, when the trailer suddenly became unhitched from its truck. As the front of the 53-foot trailer hit the ground, it caused a spark which immediately ignited the trailer and caused it to burst into flames. The blazing trailer continued rolling until it was caught by a cable barrier and finally came to rest at the highway median. The tractor itself veered off in the opposite direction and crashed into the right side guardrail. The front of the tractor was left with extensive damage while the driver was taken to Rock Springs hospital after complaining of back pains.

    Reports indicate the trailer burst into flames as the front of the trailer contained a refrigerated unit that was filled with fuel. The driver admitted that he was aware of the truck’s connection problems, however he also stated that his company had told him to use the tractor trailer regardless of that fact. The accident reportedly caused serious damage to the roadway, the median’s cable barrier, and the right side guardrail, not to mention the expenses incurred by the Wyoming Department of Transportation traffic control service, the towing company, the fire department and ambulance services. As the Kodiak Fresh Produce company was allegedly aware of the trailer’s connection problems prior to the trucking accident, their insurance company will likely be billed for all costs associated with the accident.

    If you have been involved in an accident that you believe to have been caused by the negligence of a truck driver and/or trucking company, we recommend you consult with a highly-skilled personal injury attorney at our firm at once. When you contact us we will conduct a thorough investigation into the exact cause of the accident, and we will work tirelessly to uncover any and all evidence of negligence, neglect or wrongdoing. Trucking companies are governed by very strict federal trucking regulations. They are required to perform specific maintenance procedures on a routine and regular basis. They are responsible for ensuring their drivers adhere to certain schedules and rules when driving. In essence, trucking companies are responsible for ensuring all the trucks in their fleet are safe and well-maintained so as to avoid a potential accident.

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