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    Trial Date Set For Trucker Charged in Fatal Trucking Accident

    The Robert Pahlke Law Group

    A Cheyenne County judge recently confirmed that a trial date of September 16th, 2013 has been set for an Illinois trucker who has been charged with four counts of manslaughter, four counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of motor vehicle homicide of an unborn child. The fatal accident took place in September 2012 when 37-year-old Joseph Slezak was driving along Interstate 80 near Sidney, Nebraska, approximately 40 miles from the Wyoming border.

    According to reports Slezak was in violation of federal commercial motor vehicle regulations and hours-of-service regulations (which puts a limit on the number of hours a driver can drive) at the time of the fatal accident. Evidence indicated that Slezak had already been driving close to 15 hours in an almost nonstop trek from Milwaukee and failed to adhere to traffic advisories and emergency signs warning drivers to slow down for an upcoming accident.

    As he approached the accident witness statements indicate Slezak did not even attempt to slow down his truck before he crashed into the vehicle carrying 30-year-old Christopher Schmidt, his 28-year-old wife Diana Schmidt and their two children ages 2 and 3. Diana Schmidt was also 30-weeks pregnant at the time of the accident. The entire family died as a result of the devastating accident.

    According to the National Highway Safety Administration, trucking accidents are commonly amongst the most lethal types of accidents. The majority of victims killed in trucking accidents are not the truckers themselves, but drivers and passengers from other vehicles involved. Speed, size, weight and many other factors can all contribute to the extent of the damage and injury caused in a trucking accident. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a trucking accident, we advise you to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at The Robert Pahlke Law Group as soon as possible.

    Our lawyers have more than 85 years combined experience in personal injury law. We have extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations pertaining to truckers. We know how to determine whether or not negligence played a role in causing your injuries, and we work hard to uncover any evidence which would clearly indicate who is at fault. When you contact our firm we will review your case, advise you of your legal rights, help you determine how best to proceed and work aggressively to help you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

    We know that a personal injury accident has the capability of dramatically changing the way you are able to live your life. If you want an aggressive advocate who will fight hard to help you protect your interests, contact a Nebraska truck accident attorney to discuss your case today.

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