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    Kyle J. Long & Robert G. Pahlke Secure $920,007 for Injured Union Pacific Worker

    The Robert Pahlke Law Group

    The Robert Pahlke Law Group is very pleased to announce that Attorneys Robert G. Pahlke and Kyle J. Long have secured a major victory on behalf of one of their clients. For a Union Pacific operator who is now suffering long term medical effects due to his duties, our firm has recovered $920,007.

    The client in question worked at the South Morrill Nebraska UPRR facility. There, he was provided a Herman Miller Aeron B office chair. His use of this chair, over time, resulted in serious back issues that he is expected to suffer well into the future.

    There were two key issues on this case. The first is whether or not the manufacturer was liable due to poor design. The warranty of the chair stated that it had a 270-300 pound weight limit. At trial, the defense tried assert that these limits had been broken by employees, thus damaging the chair and clearing the manufacturer of negligence. Our legal team, however, through the course of multiple testimonies, proved that other employees actively avoided the chair due to its discomfort and size.

    Secondly, it was alleged by the defense’s consulting doctor that the L4-5/L5-S1 disc fusion that the plaintiff suffered was only partially caused by the chair. According the plaintiff’s treating doctor however, there was no pre-existing evidence that the client suffered from this condition prior to exposure to the chair.

    In the end, the verdict reflected what our legal team had asserted: Union Pacific was at fault for the injuries sustained to their client.

    The compensation broke down in the following ways:

    • Loss of earnings: $11,882
    • Medical costs at time of trial: $266,925
    • Future medical costs: $91,200
    • Pain and suffering at time of trial: $150,000
    • Future pain and suffering: $400,000

    This was an appropriate sum in light of the circumstances of our client. Before the trial, only $55,000 had been offered by the chair company and Union Pacific.

    We congratulate our team on their decisive victory in this case. The verdict stands as just another testament to the effective and hard-hitting advocacy our firm is dedicated to providing our clients in need.

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