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    Takata Corp. Confirms More Air Bag Deaths, Injuries

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    The faulty air bags that Takata Corp., a Japanese auto-parts supplier, provided to major car manufacturers have been even more dangerous than previously thought. In new documents submitted to the Senate Commerce Committee, the company confirms that the air bags have six deaths and 105 injuries to drivers and passengers.

    According to a report from Bloomberg Business, Florida Senator Bill Nelson of the Senate Commerce Committee confirmed the new numbers in a speech in the Senate last week. The latest statistics from Takata Corp. confirm one more death than previously thought—and dramatically higher instances of injury. Before Senator’s Nelson speech, it was thought that the air bags had only been the cause of 64 injuries.

    Many of the injuries, the Senator confirmed, are serious and include blindness and quadriplegia. “We need to get the cars that haven’t been fixed off the road, and they need to be fixed as soon as possible,” Nelson stated in the speech.


    As Bloomberg Business reports, Federal regulators are trying to quickly investigate and identify the air bags, which have been shown to deploy with such force that they launch shrapnel into the cabin of the vehicle. Automakers are also trying to prevent further injury: major brands like Nissan, Honda, and Toyota have recalled 17 million vehicles with the air bags installed.

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