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Eight Types of Dangerous Truck Accidents

Across the country, more than 4,100 people died in truck accidents during one recent year. In Nebraska alone, accidents involving semi’s and other large trucks caused 46 fatalities and nearly 800 injuries in 2018, according to the Nebraska Department of Transportation. Heavy trucks were involved in nearly 13 percent of fatal truck accidents in Nebraska, […]

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Nine Common Types of Trucks on the Road

Every day, you share the road with hundreds or thousands of other vehicles, including a wide range of big trucks. These trucks transport large shipments and large objects across the United States. They’re vital to our economy and our daily lives. But encountering these vehicles on the road also comes with potential dangers, particularly if […]

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Truck Driver Fatigue Puts Everyone in Danger

Truck driver fatigue is described as the result of physical or mental exertion that affects performance. According to information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), studies indicate that 13 percent of commercial motor vehicle drivers involved in traffic accidents were found to be fatigued at the time of their crash, making driver fatigue […]

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Types of Compensation Available in a Truck Accident Claim

Large trucks can cause significant damage when involved in vehicle accidents. Court-awarded damages typically cover costs related to any injuries and property damage stemming from the accident. After a truck accident, however, many people find themselves wondering exactly what type of compensation they may seek in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Varied Compensation The […]

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Living With Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

When large trucks are involved in a car accident, they can cause significant problems for those involved. Trucks, with their large size and mass, can cause substantial injuries when involved in an accident. These injuries may include traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even minor TBIs can leave victims struggling to move forward with their lives, with […]

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Drunk Commercial Truck Drivers

Traveling Nebraska’s busy highways every day are commercial trucks carrying freight. While important to our nation’s economy, those sitting behind the wheel of semi trucks also carry important responsibilities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports a 9 percent increase in 2017 of large truck fatalities—a total of 392 more lives lost than 2016. […]

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More Than 40 Vehicles Pile-Up on Snowy Interstate 80

Blizzard conditions and speeding are being named as causes for a 45 vehicle pile-up on Interstate 80 that occurred on April 16. As Oil City reports, 33 commercial vehicles and 12 passenger vehicles were either involved directly with the collision or left stranded due to the road blockage. No fatalities were reported. Injuries, however, did occur: […]

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, you may be entitled to pursue damages for the injuries you sustained. Hiring a personal injury attorney from The Robert Pahlke Law Group to be an aggressive advocate for your rights will greatly improve your chances of recovering the maximum compensation in […]

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Trial Date Set For Trucker Charged in Fatal Trucking Accident

A Cheyenne County judge recently confirmed that a trial date of September 16th, 2013 has been set for an Illinois trucker who has been charged with four counts of manslaughter, four counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of motor vehicle homicide of an unborn child. The fatal accident took place in September 2012 […]

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