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    More Than 40 Vehicles Pile-Up on Snowy Interstate 80

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    Blizzard conditions and speeding are being named as causes for a 45 vehicle pile-up on Interstate 80 that occurred on April 16. As Oil City reports, 33 commercial vehicles and 12 passenger vehicles were either involved directly with the collision or left stranded due to the road blockage. No fatalities were reported.

    Injuries, however, did occur: 16 drivers were transported to local Cheyenne Regional Medical Center via ambulance—with an additional 11 crash victims being transported via school bus. The highway remained closed until the early hours of April 17 while a massive effort from the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP), Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, Laramie County Fire Districts 1, 2, and 10, AMR Ambulance, and numerous other agencies responded to the injured and cleared the road.

    The WHP is looking at driver negligence as a possible factor in the crash. According to Oil City, there is some indication that motorists traveling too fast during the dangerous weather conditions could have contributed to the chain reaction that led to the pile-up.


    Accidents involving one large commercial vehicle are especially dangerous to other motorists. In this case, a staggering 33 commercial vehicles were involved. When the scope of a traffic accident is this large, scores of drivers are put at an incredible risk. If it is determined that negligent driving during adverse weather conditions contributed to this pile-up, then those hurt may have the grounds to seek the compensation.

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