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    Two Die in Fiery 1-80 Pile-up

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    Mere days after authorities cleared the devastating wreckage of an April 16 pile-up that involved 70 vehicles from I-80, another massive accident has hit the same highway. On April 20, a commercial and passenger vehicle pile-up turned fiery, killing two and injuring several others.

    The accident occurred approximately 18 miles west of Laramie and has once again closed the highway. Unlike the pile-up that occurred less than five days earlier—and resulted in serious injuries, but no fatalities—two deaths were reported soon after the accident.

    The added danger in this new incident may be the result of one of trucks’ large tanker of hazardous materials. 9 News reports that crews have issues with the response due to a possible spill. Photographs have not only shown several rigs on fire, but also a massive plume of black smoke emanating from the accident, as well.

    The Wyoming State Patrol has reported that they believe dense fog and slush may have contributed to the initial collision that caused the accident. According to a report from Oil City, it is believed that two commercial vehicles collided around 8 a.m. and caused other vehicles to crash along all lanes of traffic.


    The deceased motorists of the crash are a 58-year-old woman from Arkansas and a 23-year-old woman from Colorado. It is yet unclear if negligence played a role in the accident that claimed their lives and injured many others. One thing, however, remains starkly evident following this series of harrowing accidents on the I-80: that added vigilance by both commercial and passenger drivers is needed during this time of year when road conditions are less than ideal and the lives of motorists and passengers are at stake.

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